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Welcome, Family & Friends of Foodz! Dear "Gourmetnauts," today is your one and only chance to be part of the building of our culinary empire. Foodz hasn't stopped growing in the past months, and that's why we're calling you now.

Foodz: Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Morgan, whose love for good food was immeasurable. He dreamt of savoring the most exquisite dishes, but unfortunately, he lacked the culinary skills of a microwave chef. However, Morgan didn't give up on his gastronomic passion. He refused to settle for mediocre food and decided to create delicious and nutritious meals without spending a fortune or venturing into the kitchen. He combined science, technology, and magical ingredients to bring to life a unique concept: instant meals that provide nutrition and convenience for those who move the world.

Foodz: The Future of Food

"Get ready to enter a magical food world with Foodz. Our meals bring together flavor, nutrition, and convenience in a single spoonful. We use high-quality ingredients, carefully selected by our culinary alchemists, to create an out-of-this-world gastronomic experience. With Foodz, you no longer have to choose between fast food and healthy food - we bring the best of both worlds together!"

Key Milestones

+350,000 Meals Already Sold - 100%+ Year-on-Year Growth

+1,000 Points of Sale by the End of the Year

8 Incredible People Creating the Future of Food

Projected revenue of $2M USD for 2023

Foodz: our Vision

"We believe that a balanced diet is essential for a fulfilling life, and we want to make access to nutritious meals easier, even in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Our mission is to provide a culinary experience that is both practical and beneficial to health, allowing people to eat well without sacrificing taste. No one deserves to eat instant noodles, no one deserves to eat ultra-processed food. We are committed to continuous innovation, bringing food solutions that meet the needs and desires of our consumers. Join us on this journey and let's revolutionize the way we eat!"

Investment Deck and SAFE/Contract

Access our marvelous deck that unveils all the secrets of Foodz. Within it, you will find the enchantments of our business model, the forecasts of our financial projections, and even the spells of our mutual/contract. Discover all the details about the terms, conditions, and other secrets that only the bravest investors should know.

Investment Deck

Why are we raising funds?

Launch Foodz Du Chef

Working capital is essential to ensure presence on the shelves and sufficient inventory to meet the voracious demand of our hungry fans.

Activate Retail

We need to assemble a brilliant and determined sales team, ready to win over the hearts of autonomous market owners and small retailers. To make this happen, we need to invest in training, sales materials, and all the necessary support to make this team unbeatable.

Hire Geniuses

We're looking for innovative minds who can help us create brilliant strategies, develop amazing products, and win over hearts and stomachs around the world.

Inovation always

We want to continue developing and enhancing our products, incorporating advanced technologies, innovative ingredients, and revolutionary processes. We believe that innovation is the key to capturing the hearts and discerning taste buds of our customers.

Investment Plans

Investment of $10,000 USD

✅ Valuation $2M USD - 0,5%
✅ R$300 Cash back - Voucher Foodz
✅ TShirt Foodz + Annual Foodz party

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Investment of $20,000 USD

✅ Valuation R$2M USD - 1%
✅ R$1000 Cash Back - Voucher Foodz
✅ TShirt Foodz + Annual Foodz party

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Investment of $30,000 USD

✅ Valuation R$2M USD - 1,5%
✅ R$3000 Voucher Foodz
✅ TShirt Foodz + Annual Foodz party

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Who is making Foodz?


 Marketing Analist 


Operation Manager

Come and meet us at Naturaltech 

Foodz will be at NaturalTech, which will take place from June 14th to 17th. I invite you to enjoy a tasting of our new product, Foodz Du Chef, along with me. Our booth at NaturalTech will be located at the following address: Avenida Olavo Fontoura, 1209, São Paulo – SP RUA: 14/15/N. Throughout the event, our team will be available to introduce our entire product line, including Foodz Du Chef and Foodz Pro.

Become a Foodz investor

"Don't miss this chance to be legendary, invest in Foodz and leave a grandkid's story!"

It's time to hop on Foodz's culinary rocket and embark on an investment journey filled with flavor.

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Our Investors in 2026:

"When I invested in Foodz, people told me it was a controversial choice. But since I started eating Foodz, I've felt more energized and ready to tackle any challenge. Foodz has truly helped me make America healthy again!"

Donald Trump

Business man

Now that I'm single, investing in Foodz in 2023 was the best move of my life. Thank you, Foodz, for making my post-breakup life so flavorful and fun!

Tom Brady

Single Dad