3 tips to enjoy the best of Foodz Du Chef

I believe you already know what Foodz Du Chef is, right? Being smart and healthy food, it is an instant meal to bring practicality and flavor to your busy days. We came to give you 4 tips for you to enjoy the best that Foodz Du Chef has to offer.

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How to prepare or Foodz Du Chef?

For those who don't know… Foodz Du Chef has high-quality ingredients, provides 25g of protein, 8g of fiber and a set of 25 essential vitamins and minerals. Its proteins come from peas and soybeans, which combined have a much more complete protein value. In addition, it is a practical and healthy option for those looking for a complete and quick meal.

To prepare Foodz Du Chef, follow the step by step:
  1. In a container add 90g of Foodz Du Chef (2 scoops);

  2. Boil 200ml of water;

  3. Add boiling water to Foodz Du Chef, stirring well;

  4. Cover the container with a lid for 5 minutes and let it rest;

  5. Help yourself!

Easy, right? Now you'll know 4 tips to incorporate Foodz Du Chef into your routine more effectively.

1. Analyze which meal you skip the most

One way to analyze which meal you skip the most is to observe your eating routine and check at what time you tend to feel more hungry or want to eat something. If you usually skip breakfast, for example, you may feel more hungry throughout the morning or have difficulty concentrating. If you skip lunch, you may experience a drop in energy or tiredness in the afternoon.

This analysis exercise will let you know the best time to insert Foodz Du Chef.

2. Try different flavors

It is recommended to try all the flavors of Foodz Du chef so that you can find out which flavor you like best and best suits your food preference. Each flavor may have a different combination of ingredients, textures, and flavors, and one may be more palatable to your taste buds than another. In addition, trying new flavors can be a way to vary your diet and discover new foods that you might not have known about before.


3. Don't wait for your Foodz Du Chef to run out

Having a stock of the product we like can bring many advantages to our routine, especially when it comes to foods that promote a healthy and balanced diet, such as Foodz Du Chef. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, having a Foodz Du Chef stock can be especially useful for those days when you don't have the time or inclination to cook. The product can be easily stored, ensuring that a healthy meal is always within reach, whether at home or at work.


Did you like the tips? Get Foodz and try this Smart and Healthy Food!


Foodz Du Chef (7) - BRL 19.98 per meal


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