5 tips to keep your meals healthy and cheap

Eating healthy is like a VIP menu for your body, as you'll be feeding your body a variety of nutritious foods that provide it with the energy and nutrients it needs to function at its best, both physically and emotionally. In summary, the truth is that you need to know how to eat healthy and well, and understand that it is not necessary to buy the most expensive food in the world. Far from it!! Making small changes to your daily habits, indoors and out, can help you eat healthier.

So, let's stop stalling and go straight to the 5 tips?

Feira ôrganica para comer saudável e barato

1st tip: Organic fairs are a great option

organic fairs¹ are “events” where local producers sell organic products, which are grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other synthetic chemicals. These markets usually take place in public spaces, such as parks and squares, and offer a variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products and artisanal products.

They are great opportunities for consumers to buy fresh, healthy food, support local farmers, and save money. Unlike organic fairs, supermarkets operate based on product demand. So when demand is low, prices can go up. In addition, there are companies that value only the organic label, but do not use homemade production methods. So it's much more reliable to buy at the neighborhood fair.

Don't know where to find an organic fair? Click on the link, enter your city and discover it right now: https://feirasorganicas.org.br/

Senhora planejandor o que vai comer saudável

 Tip 2: Plan your meals

You can set aside a free day of your week to leave thatdthe ready² in the fridge. This will ensure that you are including a variety of healthy foods in your diet and avoiding unhealthy foods, as this will act on impulse. This process of choosing what to eat can help you to be more affectionate and aware.

Knowing what you need to do, you go to the supermarket and buy the right amount, avoiding food waste. In addition, you identify which supermarket is more advantageous to buy each food, thus saving at the time of purchase.

Mulher negra planta horta caseira

3rd Tip: Have you ever thought about having your own vegetable garden?

Nowadays, those videos teaching how to plant strawberries, green leaves inside plastic bottles are becoming more and more popular, isn't it? This is a home garden. They are grown in a small space such as a backyard, porch or even indoors and allow people to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, providing fresh and healthy food without having to rely on supermarkets. This can be a fun and relaxing activity.

Homem pedindo comida em app

Tip 4: Avoid getting too hungry

This tip will line up with tip 2, because if you plan your meals well, you probably won't get hungry. When we get hungry, we tend to impulse eat whatever is most practical, and what happens? Open the app, order delivery.

With more than 60% of population³ preferring to order food at home rather than going to the store and buying it, this attitude can be very harmful to your pocket, as prices there are generally expensive. Plus… you're not going to eat healthy when the front page is a large pizza for 10% off, are you? So avoid getting hungry by planning each meal well.

Tip 5: Have Foodz Du Chef around

Instead of opening the app, ordering super caloric food, having a Foodz Du Chef near you tocan help keep your meals healthy, cheap and very tasty. With 25g of protein, fiber and 25 vitamins and minerals, each meal costs R$19.98 and you can choose from the three flavors available: chicken with mushrooms, Mac N’ Cheese and Bolognese.

Foodz Du Chef (7) - BRL 19.98 per meal



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