25 vitamins and minerals

Optimum amounts of all 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

Many Proteins

25 g of protein per meal. Only good things

Coconut milk

Coconut milk boosts your energy, as well as helping to promote satiety.

Carbohydrate Absorption

The combination and amounts that we have between carbohydrate, fiber and proteins make absorption slower in the body.


Soluble and insoluble fiber, keeping you full. With prebiotics that will keep your digestive system healthy.

Complete nutrition
Protein, fiber, 25 essential vitamins and minerals, fat and low carb
Plant based
Plant-based ingredients with sustainable packaging.
Practical and affordable
Ready in 20 seconds, meals from R$18.70, you can eat well without spending a fortune.
Everything to give your body what it needs

Nutritious food is vital to a happy and healthy life, but we are all leading an increasingly busy life. What we need is a meal that is nutritionally complete and convenient. Foodz Coffee is all that and more!

We worked hard so that Foodz Coffee could be the perfect combination for your breakfast, offering a complete, balanced and very tasty meal.

And since nutrition always comes first at Foodz, don't worry, it's a drink with 25g of protein, fiber, carbs, fat, 25 vitamins and minerals that contains 18% to 100% of all the nutrients you need, including caffeine and B complex vitamins that will bring more focus, energy and concentration to your day.

Como irá funcionar? O Nutricionista Rafael explica!

100% Balanced and nutrient-rich

Are you part of the people who skip breakfast from time to time and feel a lack of mood, focus or energy during the day? Foodz Coffee is perfect for you!

Foodz Coffee was designed to bring in its composition nutrients that are essential to help our body maintain disposition, focus and concentration such as coffee and B vitamins, in addition to maintaining our proposal of being a complete meal.

Our product is regulated within the standards of the World Health Organization, Health Surveillance and Anvisa.

What's inside Foodz Coffee?

The Foodz Coffee recipe contains 25g of vegetable protein, 8g of fiber, 25 essential vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates in the ideal balance for your breakfast or lunch. Everything to offer our body what it needs to stay healthy in the rush of everyday life.

Each meal provides the perfect amount of protein with a complete amino acid profile, an adequate amount of the welcome fats from coconut milk, fiber to support your digestive system and keep you feeling full, and all of this combination of nutrients makes carbohydrates a must. slower absorption into your body and can help maintain your energy.

Approved by nutritionists:

4,9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 700+ reviews

Nyvinne Reis
Nutricionist - CRN3 74714/P
Eloah Ribeiro
Nutricionist - CRN4 21102145
Secure Payment
Visa, Mastercard, PIX, Boleto, VR, AMEX, ELO, card installments up to 3 interest-free installments.
Free shipping
Free shipping throughout Brazil from R$300.00.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Zero Risk - 30-day guarantee


What do you mean by "Complete Meal"?

A combination of 25g of plant-based protein, slow-absorbing carbohydrates, healthy fats from coconut milk and an assortment of 25 essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies cannot produce and must get through our diet. Foodz products can be classified as a “complete meal” or “complete nutrition” because they contain all 29 essential nutrients.

How much caffeine is in Foodz Coffee Vanilla?

The efficiency of caffeine in improving physical and cognitive performance has already been proven. It increases alertness, helping to maintain focus and energy, whether physical or mental.

In the recipe for Foodz Coffee Vanilla we have the equivalent of 2 cups of ready-to-drink coffee (150ml), which is equivalent to approximately 60mg of caffeine.

What is Discovery Box and the bag? What flavors are available?

Our Discovery Box is made up of 12 bottles (1 Passion Fruit Mousse, 1 Coffee Vanilla, 2 Pro Strawberry, 2 Pro Vanilla, 2 Cookies N' Cream, 2 Chocolate and 2 Strawberry), which are equivalent to 12 meals, each of which R $27. The value of the box is R$324.90. Currently, Foodz has six wonderful flavors: Chocolate 🍫, Strawberry 🍓, Cookies N' Cream 🍪, Coffee Vanilla ☕ and Passion Fruit Mousse ☀️.

The Bag is a larger portion of Foodz that is sent in an economical 1.44 kg package, with a unique flavor of Foodz powder, comes with a doser and prepares up to 16 meals for R$21.80, and each one costs R$349, 00.

What meals can the bottle replace? Can I take more than 1 a day/can I live on it?

Although Foodz can replace any meal, it is not intended to replace all meals. If you're just starting out, try gradually incorporating Foodz into a balanced diet. As with any dietary or health change, we recommend talking to your doctor or nutritionist to determine if Foodz is right for your needs. Foodz can help you reach your nutrition goals over the course of a day or week. Consider adding Foodz to your diet to ensure you're getting the nutrition you need to be healthy.

What is the shelf life and how to store the product? How long can it stay open and be consumed?

Unopened Foodz Coffee can be stored at room temperature with a shelf life of up to one year. Although most users choose to refrigerate their Foodz before enjoying it, this is not necessary. Heat should not cause Foodz to spoil, however if temperatures are above 35 degrees the vitamins and nutrients may start to break down over time. Therefore, after opening if stored correctly as described above, we recommend that you consume your Foodz PRO within 30 days. Once prepared, consumption should be immediate.

How many ml and how many calories is each bottle?

We recommend adding 400ml of cold water and each bottle has an average of 353 kcal. Our nutritional table is available at the link: https://www.foodz.store/pages/composicao-dos-nossos-produtos

Is it a shake?

We are a healthy and plant-based meal for your busy days, therefore, Foodz was developed to provide from 18% to 100% of all the nutrients you need throughout your day! Instead of a shake, we prefer to see Foodz as a complete meal inside a bottle.

How do I prepare my Foodz Coffee?

Preparing your Foodz Coffee is very easy!

If you have the bottle in hand, just add 400ml of ice water and stir for 20 seconds. Ready!

If you opted for the Foodz Bag, add 2 scoops of Foodz Coffee to your shaker, 400ml of cold water and stir for 20 seconds.

Ready! Now just enjoy

Pregnant can take?

We draw attention to pregnant women, because of vitamin A, which in high doses can pose a risk to the fetus. In these cases, it is important to follow up with a nutrition professional to insert Foodz into your diet.

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Why and where does Foodz sugar come from?

In Foodz recipes we do not add sugar, the sugars present in the nutritional table come naturally from the carbohydrates in the ingredients (types of carbohydrates considered as sugars). In Foodz PRO the part declared as sugar is part of the carbohydrates present in coconut milk.

Where does the saturated fat in Foodz come from? Is it harmful to health?

At Foodz we are proud to use a saturated fat that is considered by many to be good and natural, derived from coconut. Unlike saturated fat present in fried foods, coconut milk is related to the improvement of good cholesterol (HDL), the body's immune responses, in addition to participating in the production of hormones and the transport of fat-soluble vitamins (such as A, D , E and K).

Where are we from?

Foodz is Brazilian! We only sell in Brazil and we are located in São Paulo - SP.

What is the value of the product? Where I can buy?

Our boxes come with 12 bottles (12 meals) and cost R$324.90, or R$27 per meal.

We also have the Foodz bag. It comes with 1.44kg of Foodz powder and serves 16 meals of the same flavor. It comes with a dispenser for you to adjust the amount you want to consume 😄 Our Foodz bag is a more economical format and costs R$349, that is R$21.80 per meal.

It is worth remembering that all purchases over R$300 have free shipping throughout Brazil.

At the moment, the purchase is only made through our website www.foodz.store

Form of payment? Do you accept payment by food and meal card?

We accept payment via boleto banking, credit card, Pix and VR (check available flags).

We are already in contact with Sodexo, Ticket and Alelo. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when we accept these forms of payment.

How do I track my order? What is the cost of shipping and delivery time?

As soon as the order has been posted, you will receive an email containing the link and the postage code for tracking the delivery. If you do not receive it, you can contact us through our whatsapp (11) 3280 2980 and we will happy to inform you.

The freight and required delivery time vary according to your address and which carrier you will hire, but Foodz thinks of you, so shipping is free throughout Brazil from R$300.00.

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