5 Food Tips to help with training at home

You already know that just training is not enough to achieve your goals of gaining muscle mass or weight loss, food is one of the main pillars that will help you achieve what you want so much.

Melhore o que come no café da manhã

Improve your breakfast

We know that many people have the habit of skipping breakfast, so first of all know that breakfast will give you the necessary sustenance for the rest of your day. The Nutritionist Ricardo Sodre, Postgraduate in Nutrition and Physical Activity, and specialist in Orthomolecular Nutrition, comments: "It offers what our body needs to work well, it guarantees a good mood in the morning and the disposition to exercise. And also, how it improves attention and concentration, it favors your work and your studies”.

Sodré, indicates that for this meal it is ideal to have the composition of a food based on wheat or other cereals - bread or biscuits; a food derived from milk - milk, yogurt or cheeses; and a piece of fruit or a glass of juice. Following this tip, you can already have a good base of what to do to eat better in the morning.

If you make a fruit shake (banana, apple, strawberry), add a scoop of Foodz, you will be able to make a complete and nutritious diet, as there are 25 vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates in the right dose, in addition to good fats. On our Instagram we usually post some food tips with Foodz.

take a lot of water

We all need water for optimal health as it is needed for many bodily functions to function properly. Frequent consumption brings many benefits, such as disease prevention, increased physical performance and improved mental performance. Water also helps with digestion, nutrient absorption, body temperature control and toxin elimination.

Some tips to start drinking more water during your days is to set a bottle and always keep it full, this will help you always have water nearby and will keep you reminded to drink. If you have a lot of trouble remembering, we recommend setting reminders on your calendar so that your phone notifies you at the specified time to drink water.

In many foods there is a % of water, which helps you to consume more of this very important liquid. One article published in URECER shows the % of weight under weight of the main foods that we eat the most on a daily basis. See the table below:

Table 1: Water content in the centesimal composition of
some foods (Source: Nepa/Unicamp, 2006)

never forget the protein

the famous proteins won the hall of fame in recent years, because people are more aware of their importance for a healthier life. As a macronutrient, protein needs to be consumed in relatively large amounts for our bodies to keep functioning. The Nutritionist Bruno, in his article, comments on the importance of (i) accelerating recovery after training and or injury, (ii) reducing muscle loss (catabolism), (iii) building “lean” muscles post training, (iv) Helping to maintain a healthy weight, (v) Inhibit hunger.

Bruno also indicated that he consumes several sources of protein, both vegetable and animal, and makes a list of 12 main protein sources: chicken breast, duckling, salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs, Greek yogurt, beans, lentil, quinoa, beak grain .

Nunca esqueça da proteína

Abuse of fruits and vegetables

Fruits are great sources of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fibers and water, contributing to our well-being, and still have a low caloric value. Among many benefits, they promote energy, help delay aging, reduce the feeling of satiety and balance the intestine.

The interesting thing is that you can “play” with the way you use fruits and vegetables. For example, you can make an orange, lemon, ginger, and mint juice; a green juice of cabbage, orange and beetroot; a smoothie of red fruits and granola. It's really good to do tests, try new flavors and aromas to increase our food repertoire.

Here is a list of 77 juices for you to try: https://www.receitasnestle.com.br/blog-post/receitas-sucos-naturais.

Foodz em sua alimentação para perder peso ou  ganhar massa

Foodz in your diet to lose weight or gain mass

We're getting to the end, and do you know who can be your best friend when your routine is super busy and you have everything to fall into the temptation of going off the diet? Foodz. It is a complete meal with 25g of protein, 8g of fiber, 25 vitamins and minerals, the ideal amount of fat and carbohydrates. Besides you can use it as your lunch, breakfast or dinner, it can be your ally with pre and post workout.

Nutritionist Paula Creder comments on how versatile the product is as a meal: “- I found the Foodz shaker super practical and a great nutritional composition, even more so because they don't need refrigeration, so the patient can take it to work and it's just mix it with water. [...] So I thought it was a great option to take as a snack, for breakfast. Even a post workout can be very interesting.”

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