Is Foodz Pro better than Foodz Original?

There are days when we are overwhelmed with various activities such as work meetings, household chores, taking care of the children and suddenly it seems impossible to find time for a healthy meal. As a result, we often end up skipping meals or opting for a quick, high-calorie option that doesn't offer all the essential nutrients for a balanced diet. You must know that Foodz is the solution to this problem.

If you follow our social networks, you may already know about Foodz Pro, but do you know the difference between it and Foodz Original? If not, this article is for you! Let's analyze and compare the two products.

Foodz Original vc Foodz Pro: Qual a diferença?

What's inside Foodz Original?

Inside Foodz Original, you'll find 25g of vegetable protein, 8g of fiber, plus 25 vitamins and minerals. With a complete amino acid profile and an adequate amount of welcome fats from coconut milk, this combination of nutrients makes carbohydrates absorbed more slowly in the body, helping to maintain energy and a feeling of fullness for longer.

What's inside the Foodz Pro?

O Foodz PRO was created to offer a high amount of protein: 40g of vegetable proteins, 8g of fiber and 25 vitamins and minerals. The great news of Foodz PRO is that it does not contain maltodextrin, which means that the recipe has a very low carbohydrate content, making it an ideal option for those looking for a diet with less carbohydrates and more protein. Let's go to the details!

Foodz Pro has no maltodextrin

A maltodextrin¹ is a complex carbohydrate, commonly added to food supplements and industrialized products as a source of energy. It is produced from cornstarch and, when ingested, is quickly broken down into glucose, raising blood sugar levels.

The problem with excessive maltodextrin consumption is that it can lead to blood sugar spikes, which can have negative long-term health effects. Additionally, maltodextrin is considered a high-glycemic carbohydrate, meaning that it is digested and absorbed quickly, resulting in a rapid and sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

For this reason, many people on a low carb diet avoid consuming foods that contain maltodextrin. Choosing foods that don't contain maltodextrin can help keep blood sugar levels more stable, which can have long-term health benefits, as well as helping with weight loss and keeping you fuller for longer.

Foodz Pro is sweetened with stevia

A stevia² is a natural sweetener that has gained popularity in recent years as a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. It is extracted from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant and has about 200 to 300 times more sweetening power than regular sugar.

In addition to being a low-calorie option, stevia does not raise blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for people with any type of diabetes or who want to stick to a low-sugar diet. Some studies have also shown that stevia can help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Another advantage of stevia is that it is a natural sweetener and does not contain chemical additives like artificial sweeteners. This means that it is a healthier option for those who want to reduce the intake of chemicals in their food.

It's important to note, however, that stevia tastes different than regular sugar and can take some getting used to. Some people may find the taste bitter or minty, but there are stevia options with different flavors and blends that can help improve the taste.

In summary, stevia is a healthy and natural option for sweetening foods and drinks. It is a low-calorie alternative and does not raise blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for people with diabetes or who want to stick to a low-sugar diet. Plus, it contains no chemical additives, making it a healthier option than artificial sweeteners.

Foodz Pro has much more protein

Consume an adequate amount of protein it is essential for those who practice sports, whether to improve performance, gain muscle mass or recovery after training.

Protein is an essential nutrient for building and repairing tissues in the body, including muscle. During exercise, muscles suffer micro injuries that need to be repaired in order to grow and become stronger. Consuming an adequate amount of protein helps your muscles recover and rebuild.

In addition, protein is an important source of energy for the body, especially during endurance or long-duration exercise. Consuming enough protein helps maintain energy levels during your workout and reduces fatigue.

Another benefit of protein for those who practice sports is increased satiety. Protein is a nutrient that helps control appetite, reducing the urge to overeat and helping to maintain a balanced diet.

Foodz Original vs Foodz Pro

Foodz Pro vs Foodz Original


Is Foodz Pro the best?

It depends! The best thing is that the product fits your diet. If you are looking to increase the protein value and reduce the carbohydrate, Foodz Pro might be the best; If you don't have these goals, Foodz Original is a good option.

It is important to remember that each person has their individual nutritional needs and that the guidance of a nutrition professional is essential to ensure a healthy diet that is adequate to their needs and goals. In addition, the nutritionist can help in choosing the best sources of protein and other nutrients and in adapting the amount needed for each individual, in addition to assessing the need for supplementation, if necessary.

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