Foodz Heroes: Rafa Nunes' journey to lose 4kg in 30 days

Presenter, gamer and youtuber from Rio Grande do Sul put the effectiveness of Foodz Pro to the test. In just 30 days, replacing his dinner with Foodz Pro, a complete meal rich in proteins, Rafa lost an incredible 4 kg!

the gaucho Raphael Nunes, presenter, Youtuber and Gamer has always had a hard time maintaining healthy eating habits, especially due to the fast pace of his routine. He says that dinner was his biggest difficulty and that resulted in a super heavy meal, eaten around 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

As we all know, eating late at night is not ideal for anyone looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass. However, like many of us, Rafa found it difficult to change this habit. 

Driven by the popular saying "From grain to grain, the chicken fills its belly", Rafa decided to gradually change his lifestyle. He initiated this transformation through physical activity, establishing the best time to move the body. After all, we all know that there is no change without action, right?

However, when it came to food, Rafa found a real stumbling block. This continued to be a challenge for him. But as we shall see, it was not an insurmountable obstacle.

The challenge

Then, a challenge caught your eye: 30 days with Foodz Pro. Foodz CEO Morgan challenged his Instagram followers to replace one meal with Foodz for 30 days. Rafa decided to give it a try.

"I realized it was time to change" said Ralph. "I was almost 88 kg, which is considered overweight. I needed to lose weight."

What is Foodz Pro?

With a high protein value per meal, it puts 40g of protein directly into the Heroes Daily Diet. As a hunger guard, Foodz Pro doesn't give way to food boredom or those untimely nibbles.

But the surprise doesn't stop there! In contrast to the high protein content, Foodz Pro comes with an amazingly low carb rate, just 17g per meal, low carb. A true asset for those, like our Rafa, who seek to combine practicality and a balanced diet.

And when asked about his experience, he was quick on the trigger: "Very practical".

The difficulties

In the first 5 days, Rafa used his creativity to take Foodz Pro, how to prepare it with soy milk instead of water. But as not everything is rosy, he went through some difficulties.

“There were days when here in the South it was very cold and honestly I lost the desire to drink it, because Foodz is good to drink very cold. [...] But even so, Rafão went there and drank”

During the challenge, Rafa tried to intersperse the flavors of Foodz so as not to get bored and to keep the taste of novelty. He also took his ready-made dose to his girlfriend's house, so he remained firm in the challenge. He adhered to this form after experiencing some adversity:

“I skipped 3 days. Twice it was because there was barbecue for my family, and for bae's family. The other time it was because Rafão was sick for 1 week, but I stopped taking it just the first day because I had a fever, I got really bad - I even stopped training during that 1 week”

This excerpt that Rafa told explains that he didn't follow a totally restrictive diet - those that frighten you before you even start. But little by little he changed his eating habits: in addition to eating Foodz for dinner, he started eating more fruit and opting for healthier snacks. There weren't many complications, not many sacrifices, I'm moving towards a healthier lifestyle

Then came the time to check the results.

"I was chubby, my belly was rounder" recalled Rafa. "He was fatter even in the face. So, I was almost 88kg in the evaluation I did."

The results

To everyone's surprise, the Foodz challenge took place over Easter, an especially tempting time for chocolate lovers. But Rafa persisted and succeeded.

Besides the weight loss, Rafa noted other notable benefits. "Anxiety about eating sweets has decreased", he said. This can be attributed to the fast-absorbing vegetable protein in Foodz Pro. The product, in addition to offering 40g of protein per serving, is also rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and good fats, making it a complete meal and nutritionally balanced.

"If your objective is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, you can trust Foodz Pro. If I had followed a restrictive diet, I would have weighed 70 kg" joked Ralph. "I did it naturally and I'm very happy".

Now Rafa feels healthier and more confident

He's more motivated than ever to continue his health and wellness journey with Foodz Pro. But that brings us to an important question: will Rafa be able to keep the weight off?

Rafa's story doesn't end here. He is determined to maintain the healthy lifestyle he adopted with Foodz Pro even after the challenge. He still has goals to reach, obstacles to overcome and stories to tell with Foodz.

So, are you ready to embark on your own journey with Foodz Pro? Who knows, maybe you're the next Foodz Hero we've been waiting to feature!

Now you not only know why foodz lose weight, as well as being ready to use Foodz in your daily life in a nutritious and creative way. If you make any of these recipes, post and tag us on your Instagram story, we'd love it.

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