Foodz Du Chef

Foodz Du Chef

Foodz Du Chef is a delicious and nutritious instant meal capable of providing your body with all the essential elements to thrive. Our carefully crafted formula combines natural, high-quality ingredients, delivering 25g of protein, fiber and a host of 25 must-have vitamins.

To prepare, just add boiling water, stir well and let stand for 5 minutes with the lid closed. And ready! Enjoy a quick and healthy meal as if it were fast food, but with incredible benefits for your health!

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Each bag contains 7 meals
Chicken with mushrooms - BRL 19.98 per meal (Pre-order - Shipping from 30/08)
Delicious penne pasta with juicy mushrooms, chicken seasoning, thyme and garlic.
Bolognese - BRL 19.98 per meal (Pre-order - Shipping from 30/08)
Classic Bolognese pasta with delicious tomatoes, oregano and pasta.
Mac N' Cheese - BRL19.98 per meal (Pre-order - Shipping from 30/08)
Creamy pasta with the delicious flavor of cheese, tomato, a pinch of garlic and parsley.
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4,9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 700+ reviews

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Complete nutrition
Protein, fiber, 25 essential vitamins and minerals, and fat.
Plant based
Zero ingredients of animal origin.
Practical and affordable
Ready in 5 minutes, meals from R$19.98. Subscribe and save up to 28%.

25 vitamins and minerals

Optimum amounts of all 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

Many Proteins

25 g of protein per meal. Only good things

natural ingredients

Made with pasta, vegetable and natural seasonings such as oregano, garlic, thyme, etc.

Carbohydrate Absorption

The combination and amounts that we have between carbohydrate, fiber and proteins make absorption slower in the body.


Soluble and insoluble fiber, keeping you full. With prebiotics that will keep your digestive system healthy.

irresistible flavors

Carefully crafted recipes using real herbs and spices.

✔ As Gluten
✔ Lactose-Free
✔ Smooth texture
✔ Economical packaging
✔ 1 year shelf life
✔ Low Carb
✔ Adjust your portions with the scoop
✔ No ingredients of animal origin
✔ Vegan D vitamins
Everything to give your body what it needs

Nutritious food is vital to a happy and healthy life, but we are all leading an increasingly busy life. We need a meal that is balanced and convenient. Foodz Du Chef is all that and more!

Foodz Du Chef is a nutritionally complete and tasty instant meal so you don't have to worry about lunch or dinner anymore.

And since nutrition comes first at Foodz, don't worry, it's a meal with 25g of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that contains 18% to 100% of all the nutrients you need during your day .

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Visa, Mastercard, PIX, Boleto, VR, AMEX, ELO, card installments up to 3 interest-free installments.
Free shipping
Free shipping throughout Brazil from R$300.00.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Zero Risk - 30-day guarantee
Approved by nutritionists:

4,9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 600+ reviews

Diana Ribeiro

It's delicious!

Inside that bottle, there's a lot of pea and rice protein, oat fiber and a mix of nutrients. So the amount of calories, fiber and nutrients you'll find here are enough to replace a meal when you need it. Equivalent to a full meal. I tasted the chocolate one. It is really satisfying, delicious and enough to replace a meal for sure.

Thaína Ferreira

It's excellent!

I found the taste quite pleasant. Goes super well for more busy days when we don't have time to make meals. Foodz comes as our right arm, so we don't leave a diet or a healthy diet. It is excellent, very rich in vitamins, has an adequate amount of protein, low amount of fat. It's really excellent. Keeps us full for long hours.

Marcely Etchichury

I highly recommend!

It has a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is super important for health. There are two types of protein, pea and rice protein, which are vegan and together, offer all the essential amino acids, which is wonderful for our health. In addition to having all the vitamins and minerals needed for our health. So I highly recommend. I thought the proposal was pretty cool.

A delicious and convenient lunch from R$19.98 per meal

Are you part of the people who miss a healthy, tasty and cozy meal without having to spend a lot of money or spend hours in the kitchen? Foodz Du Chef is perfect for you!

Foodz Du Chef is a complete, instant, hot and tasty meal, designed by nutritionists and food engineers that saves you from having to shop, prepare, cook or wait in line for an expensive lunch on a work day.

Our product is regulated within the standards of the World Health Organization, Health Surveillance and Anvisa.

Eating healthy never felt so good

Chicken with Mushrooms, Bolognese and Mac N' Cheese. Foodz Du Chef is available in a variety of irresistible flavors, each packed with delicious natural ingredients and all the macro and micronutrients your body needs - a balanced blend of all 25 essential vitamins and minerals, 25g of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fat.

All the nutrients you need in one meal

Foodz Du Chef offers all the nutritional benefits you've come to expect from Foodz in a delicious instant plant based meal. A carefully selected blend containing natural ingredients and foods such as pasta, vegetables and spices bursting with flavor to provide a delicious and healthy meal – ideal for lunch and dinner.


What is Foodz Du Chef?

Foodz Du Chef is a complete meal filled with natural ingredients with the ideal blend of 25g of protein, fiber, 25 essential vitamins and minerals for your lunch or dinner.

Foodz Du Chef is an instant, hot and tasty meal. Just add boiling water, stir and cover for 5 minutes. Ready! Think of it as fast food that's good for you!

What do you mean by "Complete Meal"?

A combination of 25g of plant-based protein, slow-absorbing carbohydrates, healthy fats and an assortment of 25 essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies cannot produce and must obtain through our diet. Foodz products can be classified as a “complete meal” or “complete nutrition” because they contain all 29 essential nutrients.

What are the similarities between Foodz Du Chef and other Foodz products?

All Foodz products are nutritionally complete, plant based, lactose free, with a balanced formula with all 25 essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, fat from good sources and protein from 25 to 40g per serving.

What is Foodz Du Chef? What flavors are available?

Foodz Du Chef is an economical package that contains 700g of Foodz Du Chef in a single flavor, comes with a dispenser and prepares up to 7 meals for R$19.98, and each one costs R$139.90.

Available flavors are: Chicken with Mushrooms, Bolognese and Mac N' Cheese.

Can Foodz Du Chef replace which meals? Can I eat more than 1 a day / can I live on it?

Although Foodz Du Chef can replace any meal, it is not intended to replace all meals. Foodz Du Chef can help you reach your nutrition goals over the course of a day or week. Consider adding Foodz Du Chef to your diet to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need to be healthy.

What is the shelf life and how to store the product? How long can it stay open and be consumed?

Unopened Foodz Du Chef can be stored at room temperature with a shelf life of up to one year. Heat should not cause Foodz Du Chef to spoil, however if temperatures are above 35 degrees the vitamins and nutrients may start to break down over time. Therefore, after opening if stored correctly as described above, we recommend that you consume your Foodz Du Chef within 30 days. Once prepared, consumption should be immediate.

How many grams and how many calories are in each meal of Foodz Du Chef?

Each Foodz Du Chef meal contains 100g and we recommend adding 200ml of boiling water. Each serving has an average of 375 kcal.

How do I prepare my Foodz Du Chef?

Preparing your Foodz Du Chef is very easy!

In a container with a lid add 100g of Foodz Du Chef, 200ml of boiling water and mix until smooth. Cover for 5 minutes and voila! Now just enjoy

Can Foodz Du Chef help me lose weight?

In general, Foodz Du Chef can help you with a weight loss diet, however, we recommend reading our article in full "The Truth About Weight Loss"  which explains each step and how weight loss works. Remembering that each type of diet is very personal and should always be consulted and recommended by a nutrition professional

Can Foodz Du Chef help me gain muscle mass?

In the right and balanced way, Foodz can help you gain muscle mass, however, we recommend reading our article in full "Can Foodz help with muscle mass gain?" that explains each step and how muscle mass gain works. Remembering that each type of diet is very personal and should always be consulted and recommended by a nutrition professional

Pregnant can consume?

We draw attention to pregnant women, because of vitamin A, which in high doses can pose a risk to the fetus. In these cases, it is important to follow up with a nutrition professional to include Foodz in your diet.

Where are we from?

Foodz is Brazilian! We only sell in Brazil and we are located in São Paulo - SP.

What is the value of the product? Where I can buy?

Our Foodz Du Chef Bag comes with 700g of powder and serves 7 meals of the same flavor. It comes with a dispenser for you to adjust the amount you want to consume 😄 Our Foodz bag is an economical format and costs R$139.90, that is R$19.98 per meal.

It is worth remembering that all purchases over R$300 have free shipping throughout Brazil.

At the moment, the purchase is only made through our website

Form of payment? Do you accept payment by food and meal card?

We accept payment via boleto banking, credit card, Pix and VR (check available flags).

We are already in contact with Sodexo, Ticket and Alelo. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when we accept these forms of payment.

How do I track my order? What is the cost of shipping and delivery time?

As soon as the order has been posted, you will receive an email containing the link and the postage code for tracking the delivery. If you do not receive it, you can contact us through our whatsapp (11) 3280 2980 and we will happy to inform you.

The freight and required delivery time vary according to your address and which carrier you will hire, but Foodz thinks of you, so shipping is free throughout Brazil from R$300.00.

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